My courses for communicating in public are a combination of knowledge gained over the years from subjects such as linguistics, public speaking, neurolinguistic programming, and marketing.

They are experiential experiences in which the objective is not only to understand an idea or learn a concept, but to put into practice what has been learned to start the development of a competition.


If you want training for your company or work team, so that its performance is remarkable in a specific area. I will prepare a training tailored to your requirements

Powerful Presentations

Discover the key elements of any memorable and impactful presentation. We will touch all the necessary keys that you must know in order to become a successful presenter.


Strategic Storytelling for impactful presentations

Learn to build your own stories with memorable messages to use them strategically within your presentation or speech. Get your audience to listen to you mesmerized on the edge of their seats and remember your message, even months after your presentation!

My courses will be useful to you if you are...

If you are a professional and need to improve your communication skills to improve your image and increase your value within your professional circle by participating in various conferences and events with impressive and memorable presentations.
If you want to progress in your professional career towards positions of more responsibility and you need to develop your communication skills to increase your value and demonstrate it to your superiors.
If you have the responsibility to sell your business, business project, products or services in public presentations and you need to get more results from your presentation opportunities and generate more opportunities to present for better results.
If you exercise a leadership role in your company or organization and you want to develop your communication skills to be more appreciated and more effective in your leadership: more persuasion, more motivation and more inspiration.
If you are participating in the Toastmasters educational program and want to accelerate your learning curve and multiply your degree of improvement.
Whatever your situation or your level as a speaker, we will work together to set relevant goals and get the best possible speaker out of you.