Having a personal coach guarantees you personalized accompaniment and guidance to develop your speaking skills.

Thanks to the World Class Speaking methodology, which for more than a decade we have used an international group of coaches, together we will discover the techniques and resources used by the best speakers and presenters from around the world, adjusting them to your needs.

We will strengthen your qualities, strengths and work on your weaknesses, so that you communicate with impact from your own unique voice.

Without a doubt, 1a1 coaching is your best option if you want to accelerate your improvement process.


We can work in two scenarios:

Coaching for a Presentation or Speech 

You will receive advice to prepare a specific presentation or high-impact speech, so that you inform, persuade, inspire, and highlight on that occasion that is so important to you. It usually requires 1 to 2 sessions.


Coaching for Skills Development 

Together we will transition from your current situation as a speaker with limited knowledge to an impact speaker.

Throughout several sessions we will work on a process in which you will receive the tools and capabilities so that you can build and deliver impactful presentations whenever you need it. From 3 to 5 sessions.



In which profile do you recognize yourself?

If you are a professional and need to improve your communication skills to improve your image and increase your value within your professional circle by participating in various conferences and events with impressive and memorable presentations.
If you want to progress in your professional career towards positions of more responsibility and you need to develop your communication skills to increase your value and demonstrate it to your superiors.
If you have the responsibility to sell your business, business project, products or services in public presentations and you need to get more results from your presentation opportunities and generate more opportunities to present for better results.
If you exercise a leadership role in your company or organization and you want to develop your communication skills to be more appreciated and more effective in your leadership: more persuasion, more motivation and more inspiration.
If you are participating in the Toastmasters educational program and want to accelerate your learning curve and multiply your degree of improvement.
Whatever your situation or your level as a speaker, we will work together to set relevant goals and get the best possible speaker out of you.


An investment with benefits for the rest of your life


Individualized improvement process with all the expert's attention just for you and with tailored advice and needs for your progress and development.


It is an important part of the coach's job to help you stay motivated during the goal achievement process.


You will set objectives and periodic tasks to promote the development of the skills that will be followed by the coach.


We can carry out the sessions through videoconferences or by telephone.


We will set appointments of mutual time convenience, without you being at the expense of fixed class schedules.


Coaching work is done only between the coach and the coachee. Discretion is guaranteed.